Restoring Function To A Faulty Fuel Gauge In Your Car Or Truck

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Often a fuel gauge that is no longer working in your car or truck is easy to fix if you know where to start looking for problems. Many times the fix may not be something that you can track down on your own, so taking your vehicle to a repair shop for fuel gauge repair may be necessary.

Electrical Issues

Most modern vehicles use an electronic fuel gauge that receives a signal from a sensor inside the fuel tank. If the power to the fuel gauge is lost, it may stop working. 

Electrical issues can sometimes come from a bad fuse in the fuse panel, a bad ground wire on the vehicle, or a damaged or faulty sensor that is not reporting the information correctly to the gauge. Determining if one 9of this issue exists often requires some diagnosis and may require the repair tech to use some special tools in the process.

Fuel gauge repair in this situation may be as simple as replacing a fuse. However, it can be more challenging if the issue is inside the tank. 

Fuel Sender Failure

Fuel gauge repair may require replacing the fuel gauge sending unit or sensor inside the vehicle's gas tank. If the sender is no longer working, the fuel tank often needs to come out of the car so the tech can access the top of it.

In some cars, the sending unit is on the fuel pump assembly, so removing that assembly from the tank is necessary. Once the tech replaces the old sending unit, the fuel gauge should work correctly again.

The fuel pump assembly, sending unit, and electrical connections can be reinstalled, and the fuel tank put back in place. Often the repair involves replacing the seals on the top of the tank, and it is essential that the wiring is connected properly to ensure the proper function of the fuel system.

Buying The Right Parts

Replacement parts are available from the dealership and through many aftermarket vendors for most cars and trucks that need fuel gauge repair. The sending unit or sensor that determines the fuel level may come as a single piece or may require a larger assembly. 

If you are not sure what you need for fuel gauge repair, take the car to a repair shop and have them determine where the issue is and what parts are necessary for repair. 

Most shops will order the necessary parts from the part store or dealership when doing the job, but if you are doing the work yourself, you may need to remove the old parts first and take them to the parts store to match them up and ensure you have the right ones for your vehicle.

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