Maintaining a cheap car for your teen

Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer

Vehicle air conditioning is a wonderful invention. No longer do you have to swelter when driving long distances in the car. Of course, during the hot days of summer, your air conditioning takes a bit of time to kick in, even if nothing is wrong with the unit. This delay means your first few minutes […]

How an Average RV Owner Can Replace a Noisy Atwood Furnace Motor in Their RV

Cool nights will soon be returning as the end of the RV summer season nears. One item you should make sure is working well is the furnace on your RV; you want to stay warm during the cool autumn nights. If you turn the furnace on and hear the motor rattling, this is a sign […]

Looking At Home Auto Maintenance Mistakes That Will Land Your Car In The Shop

Many drivers make the choice to do their own car maintenance for saving money. While many people have no trouble with tasks like changing the oil or topping off the fluids in their car’s engine, making sure you are putting the right fluids in the right places is extremely important. While some mistakes will not […]

3 Reasons To Take Your Car To An Auto Repair Shop After A Minor Accident

If you have been involved in a minor accident such as being rear-ended, which only caused minor bumper damage, you should still take your car to an auto repair shop after filing a claim with your insurance. Be sure that no matter how minor the accident, you receive the other driver’s insurance information in order […]

Tips For Maintaining Your Diesel Particulate Filters

If you drive a truck, chances are good that you are familiar with your diesel particulate filter (or DPF) and how it can become clogged with relative ease. If you don’t keep your DPF clean, then there is a good chance that your truck is not going to run nearly as well and could possibly […]

3 Telltale Indicators Of Fuel System Problems And Their Likely Causes

Even though you know that you must have fuel to drive your car, if you are like a lot of drivers, you rarely give any thought to how many different components the fuel system is comprised of in your car. This complex system of parts and components work together like one machine to keep fuel […]

The Answers To Four Common Questions About Manual Truck Transmission Repairs

Commercial and industrial trucks are frequently built with manual transmissions for fuel efficiency reasons. This makes it so that transmission repairs on commercial and industrial trucks are usually specific to manual transmissions. The following are four of the most common questions people tend to have about transmission repairs for trucks with manual transmissions: What signs […]

4 DIY Maintenance Tips For Your Motorcycle

Contrary to popular belief, maintaining your motorcycle is not an incredibly taxing task. Although there are some things that you should leave to professionals, there are plenty of services that you can perform on your motorcycle all on your own. Throughout the course of this brief article, you’ll learn about a few of the ways […]

Three Ways To Extend The Life of Your Brakes

When your vehicle’s brakes begin to give you cues that they need to be replaced – squealing and decreased stopping response, for example – it’s important to react quickly and visit your local auto shop for a brake job. However, if your brakes are still proving themselves to be healthy, there are a number of […]