X Tips For Changing Your Vehicle's Spark Plugs

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Every vehicle with a gasoline-powered engine has spark plugs. The purpose of this part is to create a spark that ignites the fuel and air mixture, which starts the combustion process. Unfortunately, the spark plugs are a part that can go bad over time and require replacement.  Here are some tips for replacing spark plugs on your own. 

Remove The Negative Battery Terminal For Safety Purposes

You should start by removing the negative battery terminal cable from the car battery. This will prevent you from accidentally causing damage to your car when you change out the old spark plugs with new ones. 

Remember How You Clear The Path To The Spark Plugs

The spark plugs will likely not be easily accessible to you under the hood, and you'll need to clear the path to the spark plugs. Take note of anything that you are disconnecting, since it needs to go back to the way it was before. If not, you'll run into some big problems trying to figure out why your vehicle is not working right. For example, you may need to remove the air intake hose assembly. 

Clear The Debris In The Spark Plug Tunnels 

You'll want to make sure that no debris in your vehicle falls into the spark plug tunnel. It is best to use an air compressor so that you can use a powerful stream of air to clean it out for you.  However, you can also use canned air from your local office supply store if you do not have an air compressor on hand. If you do get debris in the spark plug tunnel, it will make it difficult to get the old spark plug out or the new spark plugin. 

Use A Socket Wrench Extender

You'll need a socket wrench set to unscrew the old sock plugs from within the tunnel. However, that deep terminal is hard to reach. You'll want to use a socket wrench extender so that you can reach inside the tunnel and turn the spark plug counterclockwise. 

Use Silicone Grease On The Spark Plug Wire Boot

It will help to use a cotton swab to apply silicone grease to the inside of the spark plug boot. The grease will help prevent moisture from getting into the part, which prevents it from corroding. 

Don't feel confident performing this repair on your own? Visit an automotive service center such as Alfa Romeo Service Center to have them do the job for you.