2 Useful Pre-Season Interior Boat Cleaning Services

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Once the weather is good enough to go out on your boat, the last thing you want to do is to have to clean it first. It pays to have a pre-season professional clean to make everything shipshape. You can then just focus on having fun.

Before you book a cleaning company, think about what you want them to do, especially inside your boat. While you might think that this area simply needs a quick clean and freshen up, boat cleaning companies often offer other internal services. Which services should you look at?

1. A Bilge Degrease and Clean

The part of your boat that contains the bilge system is hard to keep clean. Chances are, this room contains a lot of build-up from your last season on the water.

As well as oil and fuel residues, you might have some water in this area. If your boat has been in dock up for a few months, then this water is likely to be stagnant. Its odor, together with greasy and oily smells, could have permeated through the rest of your boat. Things could smell pretty rank.

This isn't the easiest or most pleasant part of your boat to clean. If you bring in a professional boat cleaning company, then they can clean out the space and get it ready for another season on the water. This deep clean will make your boat smell better, especially if you combine it with interior detailing.

2. An Upholstery, Carpet, and Mattress Deep Clean

Some of your boat's interior furnishings can get dusty and damp in the off-season. The inside of an unventilated boat isn't the best environment for some soft furnishings, for example.

So, your carpets might have some residual dirt and dried damp patches from the last few times you went out on the water. They might look dirty and smell bad. Plus, your upholstery and mattresses might feel damp and smell musty.

While you can open windows and cabin doors to get these odors out of your boat, they won't go away permanently. You need specialty treatments to get rid of smells embedded in soft furnishings.

A professional boat cleaning service can solve these problems for you. For example, they can steam clean your carpets and upholstery to make them look and smell fresh again. They can also use sanitizing treatments on mattresses. The interior of your boat will look, feel, and smell fresher.

To find out more about these and other cleaning options, contact boat cleaning service providers, like Sunrise Scuba Diving Services.