Is Your Engine Overheating? Here's How To Tell

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Commercial trucks are essential for the successful operations of many businesses. These trucks work in all kinds of weather and conditions and often undergo very heavy-duty usage.

As such, from time to time, you can expect them to develop issues. Getting on a regular schedule of maintenance and care can keep most problems at bay, but concerns will pop up sometimes. One of the most common concerns for commercial trucks is an overheating engine.

If left alone, this problem can be serious and cause major damage to your truck, so it's best never to ignore it. Additionally, you should educate yourself on the warning signs that your truck's engine is overheating. That way, you can spot the problem early on and take care of it promptly.

A Scorching-Hot Hood

When your engine is working overtime and overheating, this will make the engine literally very hot. And, since your hood is holding in all that heat, it will be hot too.

If you think your engine is overheating, place a hand on the hood of your truck. If it's so hot that you can't leave your hand there for more than a few seconds, chances are your engine is overheating. Stop driving the truck until you can have it looked at.

Leaking Coolant

Sometimes, your coolant line can develop a hole or other damage, which then causes it to develop a leak.

If you notice leaked coolant spilled underneath your parked work vehicle, know that you're at risk of overheating. Without proper coolant, your engine cannot maintain a reasonable temperature.

Have the coolant line looked at and fixed if necessary before continuing to drive your truck.

A Sky-High Temperature Gauge 

Thankfully, most modern commercial trucks are equipped with a temperature gauge that lets you know what temperature your engine is operating at.

While some rises in engine temperature are normal, especially on very hot days or when you're putting your truck through serious strain, do be mindful if the temperatures go into the red zone. This is a good indicator that your engine is very hot and that, if you don't stop driving the truck, you might cause serious damage.

An overheating truck engine is nothing to take lightly, especially when your truck is your livelihood. So, know these warning signs and act on them if you see them. Additionally, have your truck serviced and cared for regularly. Your business depends on it! For more information, speak to companies like C L Enterprises.