What To Do When You Have A Windshield Crack

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Have you noticed a crack in your car's windshield? If so, you may have concerns about what to do about this type of damage.  Here are some tips to prevent the crack from spreading, and how to fix the damage

Use Clear Tape

In an emergency situation, you can actually use clear tape to patch up a cracked windshield temporarily. The tape is not meant to hold the windshield together and prevent the need for repair, but to prevent the damage from spreading.  The purpose will be to stop water from getting into the crack and freezing, which will expand the crack even more than it already is. Dirt can also get into the crack from the road and cause the crack to get larger, and the tape will protect the crack from that.

Use Clear Nail Polish

Much like with the clear tape method, clear nail polish is designed to prevent a crack from spreading temporarily. It won't fix the damage for good.  You'll want to apply the nail polish to the crack so that it is filled, then park your car in the sun so that it can dry. Give it a try and see if it can buy some time until you need windshield repair.

Don't Drive On Bumpy Roads

Anything that causes a lot of vibrations to your car is going to cause a crack to expand faster than normal.  That is why it is best to avoid driving down unpaved dirt roads or really bumpy roads if you can. In fact, avoid slamming your doors or driving fast over speed bumps.  It is not worth the risk if you know you won't be able to repair the windshield right away.

Apply a Resin

There are many at-home windshield repair kits that you can purchase at auto part stores. The basic premise behind these kids is to apply a resin into the crack that will expand with heat.  It fills in the crack to give it stability, which prevents the crack from growing as well. The DIY is ideal for small chips and cracks, rather than large damage that spans across the entire glass.

Keep in mind that repairs will be cheaper to have professionally repaired when they are small, and large cracks can even cause you to get a ticket for obstructed vision while driving. Have your windshield professionally repaired as soon as possible to avoid the inevitable.

For more information, contact your local auto glass repair service.