Looking At Home Auto Maintenance Mistakes That Will Land Your Car In The Shop

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Many drivers make the choice to do their own car maintenance for saving money. While many people have no trouble with tasks like changing the oil or topping off the fluids in their car's engine, making sure you are putting the right fluids in the right places is extremely important. While some mistakes will not do much more than make a mess in your engine, others can cause serious problems with your car's engine operations. Learn more about some of mistakes you want to avoid when doing your own home auto maintenance.  

Water In Your Battery

Some batteries have lead plates that need to be covered with water. However, using water right out of your kitchen faucet may not be a good idea. When you add tap water to your battery's fluid, the salts and minerals in it can disrupt the electrolytes in the battery's fluid that can cause lime mineral build-up. Mineral buildup can interfere with the lead acid cell, shortening the life of your car's battery. For this reason, be sure to only use distilled water in your car's battery.

Mistakes Using Transmission And Brake Fluid

If you are unsure where you are supposed to put brake and transmission fluids in your car, making sure you know before adding any fluids is extremely important. The brakes in your car requires specially formulated hydraulic fluid. If you mistakenly add transmission fluid in your brake fluid depository, you could seriously damage your car's braking system. Complete brake failure can happen when you put transmission fluid where brake fluid is supposed to go.

You should know that transmission fluid and power steering fluid are similar and both can have an adverse impact on your car's braking system. Transmission fluid is oil-based and can cause the rubber seals and tubing in your braking system to deteriorate. Consulting your car's manual is best before adding any fluids for making sure you know the proper place to put them. If you are still unsure about where a fluid goes, taking your car to a qualified mechanic is best for maintenance and repairs.

Adding The Wrong Automatic Transmission Fluid

If your car has an automatic transmission, you should always use the transmission fluid specified by your car's manufacturer. If you use another brand of transmission fluid, your transmission could fail. Be sure to use the recommended brands as well for preventing overheating and poor lubrication.

By learning more about the kinds of fluids your car requires, you can save more money by putting them in on your own. Click here to learn more about auto services.