Ways You Would Not Ordinarily Expect To Earn An Education As A Mechanic

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Working as an auto mechanic, you can earn a decent living. Mechanics currently earn, on average, about $36,000 a year. (Experienced mechanics, mechanics in high demand, or mechanics who have a specialty make even more money.) If you would like to learn how to become a mechanic but cannot imagine attending classes at a vocational college all day or trying to find the funds to pay for such classes, there are some alternative ways to earn your education for free.

Join the Military

Most of the branches in the military utilize vehicles of some sort and they do have programs in auto mechanic training. In addition to becoming a mechanic, the military may even pay you for your education. This could be in the form of grants for vocational college, or they could pay you a salary for enlisting, serving and training full-time. This option is not for everyone, as you would still be required to go through basic and advanced infantry training along with your auto repair training. It may also not be the best option for you if you do not want to be called up to fight overseas, but it is still the quickest way to a free education in auto repair.

Become a Paid Intern at a Dealership

Some dealerships offer a paid internship in their garages to learn about car repair. You will not make nearly the salary that a full-blown mechanic makes, but you will get an education and gain experience in auto repair while eking out a small living. Paid internships for auto repair are rarely found anywhere else but at a dealership, and then the dealerships have to be quite sizable. However, it may be the second best option for a free education following training in the military, plus you do not have to go to war or infantry training to learn your trade.

Become an Apprentice

Owners of private auto repair shops (i.e., shops that are not part of a national franchise or chain of shops with a shared name) may take on apprentices. If you bargain with the owner for a free education in car repair and no on-the-job paid training, you could get a free education and lots of experience as a mechanic. Eventually, the shop owner may even hire you to work for him or her, especially if you prove to be a very talented mechanic. 

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