Three Potentially Illegal Car Alterations

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Did you know that there are some alterations you should not make to your car? Yes, you may own it, but the government has a say on what you can and cannot do to your vehicle. Here are four alterations that the government may not allow you to make to your car:

Tinted or Reflective Plate Covers

In your zeal to make your car stand out from the crowd, you may be tempted to tint the plate covers or make them reflective. Unfortunately, this may get you in trouble in some states, such as California. The tinting or reflection makes it difficult for law enforcement officers to read your plates. They also make it difficult for red light cameras to record your plate numbers.

Performance Exhaust

Installing high-performance exhaust systems, which are known for their loud noises, may also be illegal in your area. The problem isn't the exhaust itself; it is the noise that it generates that may bring the wrath of the government upon you. Therefore, the next time you want to improve your car's performance, do it in ways other than noisy exhaust. The letter of the law may vary according to your state, but the intent is the same: to remove noisy exhausts from the road. For example, the state of Ohio even has a maximum decibel (a measure of noise intensity) that a passenger car should not exceed on the highway.

Lifting Your Vehicle

Do you want to improve your car's off-road capabilities? If your answer is yes, then consider your state's laws so that you don't lift your vehicle too high. Most states have specified heights that your car should not exceed, and doing so may get you in trouble with the authorities. This is probably because the height of a car influences its safety features. Even if you aren't worried about your safety, there are other road users to think about. For example, lifting a car too high may affect how you see the road, how the headlights light up the road, and even how stable the car is.

The risk of getting into trouble with the authorities isn't the only thing you should worry about when modifying a car. Such modifications may void the vehicles warranty and raise your insurance premiums, especially if you are ticketed. This means you should only use professional mechanics, such as Alaska Professional Auto, for any modification you desire. Unlike amateurs, the professionals understand these issues and will advise you before working on your car.