2 Possible Reasons Why Your Car Pulls To One Side When Braking

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Lately, whenever you apply the brakes on your car, you may have noticed that the vehicle pulls to one side. While uneven tires could be causing the issue, you may have already checked to make sure that they have even pressure.  

If you have already ruled out uneven tire pressure, there is most likely an issue with your car's braking system. There are a couple of potential problems that could be causing a shift in your car to one side when braking, both of which need to be taken care of by a brake repair professional.

1. Issue With the Lines Is Not Allowing the Brake Fluid to Flow Freely

One possible reason why your car is pulling to one side is that an issue with the brake lines is not allowing the fluid to flow freely. When full and flowing freely, the brake fluid builds up the pressure necessary to push the brake pads against the disc to slow your car down.

However, if the line on one side is bent or has collapsed, there will be uneven pressure within the braking system. This can uneven pressure can also be caused by contaminants in the fluid.

When the pressure becomes uneven, the brakes will not apply evenly on all tires. One side will grab harder, causing the car to pull to one side. The lines will need to either be bled or replaced by a professional.

2. Uneven Surface on One of the Brake Pads Is Grabbing Too Much

Another possible issue is that one of the brake pads has become severely uneven. When this happens, the worn part of the pad will not grab at all, but the unaffected area will grab harder because of uneven pressure.

Because the unworn part of the pad grabs the disc with too much uneven force, the balance of the car will shift. A professional will need to not only replace the worn pad, but they will also need to check the disc for uneven wear.

When your car pulls to one side whenever you step on the brakes, there is a serious issue with the system. The brake fluid may be contaminated or the line itself is bent or collapsed, disrupting the fluid's flow through the system. Or, the brake pads on one side may be so worn down that it is grabbing the disc unevenly, causing the car to shift to one side. Whatever is causing the issue, take your car to an auto shop that offers brake repair services so that a professional can inspect the system and fix the problem for you.

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