Did Your Automobile Just Failed The Emission Test? 4 Reasons

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Today, vehicles are designed with components that ensure the engine's operation and that fewer pollutants are released into the air. Understand that harmful emissions lead to decreased air quality, which goes against emission regulation. To avoid the charges imposed for failing emission tests, make sure that you know the car problems that lead to such emissions. Here are a few you should know. 

Your Automobile Has A Loose Gas Cap

This common problem may cause your vehicle to fail emission tests and is also easy to address. If you have an older car, the seals on the cap are likely to wear out over time, causing the release of fumes from the tank. This is a simple issue that doesn't need the help of an auto service technician to fix. All you need to do is buy a cap of the same model as your vehicle.

The Vehicle Catalytic Convertor Is Likely Damaged

Your automobile's catalytic converter helps to reduce the emission released from your car to be less harmful. Without a regular tune-up, the catalytic converter can fill up with dirt and debris and malfunction. This causes your vehicle to release harmful emissions, and you might notice car problems such as slow engine performance. Catalytic converter problems should be addressed quickly as they may cause your vehicle to fail.

Your Vehicle Oil Change Is Overdue

It's advisable to stick to your manufacturer's oil change recommendation if you are to pass the vehicle emission test. You should know that clean oil has very few hydrocarbons, so you'll have a cleaner engine and emission output. If you aren't sure of when to change your engine oil, ensure that you review the manual for answers. It's also advisable that an experienced B-service technician undertakes the oil change for proper operation.

You Likely Have A Failing Fuel Injector

If there's a clog in your fuel injector, it will disrupt the proper flow of fuel through the injector line. When this happens, the mixture of air/fuel won't balance. Remember that if your vehicle produces a lot of fuel that doesn't get burned in the combustion cycle, there will be excessive carbon dioxide production, which will end up showing in the emission test. A damaged fuel injector is a problem that can easily be solved with the help of an experienced auto B-service professional.

For your vehicle to be road-worthy, it must pass emission tests. In most cases, your vehicle may fail to pass the emission test due to problems with the car. A professional mechanic should check the issues highlighted above before your test. Turn to a B service Mercedes Benz to learn more.