Signs Of Transmission Issues

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Early detection of any car problems is best. It gives you a chance to get the car in and have it looked at before the issue causes more problems or puts you in danger. One thing you want to be sure you don't procrastinate on is anything that may indicate a possible issue with the transmission. Transmission problems not caught early can lead to very expensive repairs or a full replacement, and transmission problems can lead to problems that can cause an accident. Here are some of the things that can indicate your transmission should be checked out by a mechanic: 

Your car struggles when trying to change gears

When you change gears, your car should do so how it always has. If it suddenly starts acting like it doesn't want to do so and begins making strange noises or feeling different, you should take it in. This is a very classic symptom of there being something going on with the transmission, and it is often the very first sign a person will notice. 

Your car is slipping gears

When you have your car slip gears, it can be a startling experience. However, it is also a sign that you need to have the transmission looked at as soon as you can get the car into the shop. You shouldn't continue to drive your car either because having your gears slip in this manner can be very dangerous on the highway. 

You hear a grinding sound

If you have a manual transmission, then you likely heard the same grinding sound back when you were learning to drive a manual transmission vehicle. However, once you know how to drive one, you shouldn't be hearing that noise or feel the often accompanying shaking feeling. If you start to, then the car should be looked at. This grinding is very likely an indication of a transmission that is having problems. 

There is a burning smell coming from the car

No matter what is causing a burning smell, the car needs to be checked out immediately. However, the reason for this smell may be an issue with the transmission. It may be overheating or there may be transmission fluid that's burning. You shouldn't continue driving your car when there is a burning smell coming from it until you have had the car looked at, and it has been determined what it is that's causing the smell.