The Seasons Are Changing: How To Protect Your Transmission This Winter

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Now that summer is officially winding down, it's time to get prepared for the cold weather. While you're preparing your home and your wardrobe for winter weather, you should also prepare your car for the change. This is particularly true where your transmission is concerned. You might not realize this, but winter can wreak havoc on your transmission. To help you avoid those troubles, here are three tips that will help you protect your auto transmission this winter.

Start With a Transmission Inspection

Now that winter is almost here, it's time to schedule a transmission inspection. You want to make sure that your entire transmission is ready for the cold weather. Damaged seals, loose gaskets, and even the wrong fluid, can spell disaster for your transmission once winter arrives. Freezing temperatures can cause damaged seals and gaskets to fail. They can also cause the wrong transmission fluid to thicken up inside the transmission. All of these issues can spell disaster for your transmission. To avoid those issues, start the winter with a transmission inspection.

Give Your Car Time to Warm Up

If you're used to taking off as soon as you start the car, you need to change your tactics, especially during the winter. While your car is sitting in the garage or driveway during the winter, your transmission fluid is getting very cold. Once you start your car in the morning, it will take some time to get the fluid flowing through your transmission. That means, if you take right off in the morning, your transmission won't be adequately protected. To avoid winter transmission troubles, always give your car time to warm up before you head out in the morning.

Take Care When Stuck

If you live in a region that experiences snowy, or even muddy conditions during the winter months, you want to take care when your car gets stuck. One of the most common ways to free a car that has become stuck in snow or mud is to rock it back and forth. To do that, most people move the car forward and then quickly switch to reverse. While that might free your car from snow or mud, it will also destroy your transmission. That's because the rapid changing of gears doesn't give your transmission enough time to make the necessary adjustments. If you get stuck in the snow or mud this winter, protect your transmission by gently rocking your car instead.