Tune Ups And Oil Changes

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Two of the most important maintenance chores you need to make sure you stay on top of with regards to your vehicle are to get it a tune up and an oil change. If you don't do these things according to the schedule given to you on your last ones, then it can cause issues for your vehicle, which you can learn about by reading the information that's offered to you in this article. You'll also learn other information about tune ups and oil changes that will prove to be helpful when it comes to caring for your vehicle.

Tune ups and oil changes are the affordable way to go – When it comes to getting your car a tune up and an oil change, they both can be done for affordable prices. So many problems can go on a downward spiral when you don't make sure you stay on top of having these things done. The repairs you may find yourself needing can get quite costly, so you are better off spending the little bit of money when you should than spending a lot to repair avoidable issues.

Tune ups and oil changes are simple issues – A tune up involves replacing the spark plugs, replacing the plug wires, changing the fuel filter and changing the air filter. When you take your car in for a tune up, you should ask if they also take a look at the other components like the hoses, belts and fluids while they are doing the tune up. A lot of places include this as a part of the service when you get a tune up, but you will want to make sure you have clarification on the fact that these things will also be checked.

Oil changes are done by removing the oil that is currently in the vehicle. The oil will get dirty and old as time goes on and this can lead to issues with the vehicle when it is driven with this oil running through it. New oil will be put in to replace the removed oil. The filter will also be changed, which is important because they get clogged up and this can also cause the vehicle not to run properly.

There are some noticeable problems that indicate it's time for maintenance – You can generally avoid issues by getting the car in by the date or mileage provided to you on your last visit. Most places will even put a small window decal in the corner of your windshield that has the date and mileage on it, so you won't forget when it's time to bring the vehicle in to an auto repair shop. Your car will start to act up by losing its normal power, sputtering, backfiring, stalling and have other mechanical issues.