How To Replace Vehicle Engine Mounts

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If your vehicle vibrates constantly, or noises come from under the hood, it may be time to replace the engine mounts. Engine mounts protect the steel frame of the vehicle, and it prevents the engine from touching the engine bay and other components.

A broken mount may cause the air-cleaner assembly to hit the hood.  It should be easy for you to replace the engine mount by following these tips. 

Prepare to Replace the Engine Mount

To replace the engine mount, gather:

  • work gloves
  • eye goggles
  • jack stands
  • wheel chocks
  • screwdriver
  • socket and wrench set with extensions 
  • breaker bar
  • two by four wood block spray lubricant
  • thread lock compound

Park the vehicle on a sturdy surface, and activate the emergency parking brake. Turn off the vehicle, and let the engine cool, if needed. 

Prop the front end of the vehicle on jack stands, referring to your manual for suggested jack points, then slide wheel chocks under the back tires. Place one jack near the engine mount to relieve weight on the motor, and insert the block between the engine oil pan and the jack. Disconnect the negative black battery cable.

Remove the Old Engine Mounts

Locate the engine mounts, which are commonly in the engine bay, or refer to your manual, and assess the damage. Many vehicles have more than one mount. Disconnect parts to make the mount more accessible, and lay them aside in order you removed them, and inspect the mounts. A broken mount will have damaged rubber pieces.

Mist the mounts with lubricant, and let it stand several minutes. Study the bolts from every angle, and decide the best way to disconnect them, which may be under the vehicle.

Disconnect the bolts with the correct socket and wrench, then detach the brackets and mounts. You may need to hold the nut with a wrench on some models, using a breaker bar to loosen stubborn bolts. If possible, save the old mount to use as a guide to buy a new one. 

Install the New Mounts

Compare the new and old mounts to ensure they are the same size, and they have the same number of mount holes. Coat the new bolt threads with thread compound, align the bolt holes, and insert the bolts using a torque wrench.

Refer to your service manual for the correct amount of torque to apply. Remove the jack stands, the wood block, and wheel chocks, lower the vehicle, and disengage the parking brake. Start the engine, and let an assistant try all the gears while you check for engine vibration. Contact an auto repair service for more help.