3 Telltale Indicators Of Fuel System Problems And Their Likely Causes

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Even though you know that you must have fuel to drive your car, if you are like a lot of drivers, you rarely give any thought to how many different components the fuel system is comprised of in your car. This complex system of parts and components work together like one machine to keep fuel adequately delivered to your engine to keep it running. If one component is not doing what it should, it is highly likely you're getting nowhere in your vehicle. Here are a few telltale indications of fuel system problems and the likely causes you should know as a driver. 

Problem: Your engine cuts out during acceleration. 

Cause: In most cases, a problem like this would be relative to the fuel filter. The fuel filter is responsible for filtering out contaminants from your fuel as it is delivered from the tank,  through the pump, and to the fuel lines that carry the fuel to your engine. If the fuel filter is clogged, you will notice it most when you accelerate, as this is when fuel is being pushed through the filter more rapidly. The debris will prevent the gas from flowing as it should. 

Problem: Your tank is full, but when you turn the engine, it acts like you're out of gas. 

Cause: You turn the key to start your car and you just get the whir-whir sound that usually comes along with having an empty tank. if you are positive your fuel gauge is correct, it is likely that your fuel pump is failing or has completely failed. The fuel pump pumps fuel from the tank out to the fuel lines, so if its not working, the gas in your tank will never make it out. While on occasion fuel pumps fail without warning, most of the time you will experience a delayed start occasionally beforehand. 

Problem: Your gas hand stops working properly. 

Cause: You may rely on your gas gauge to let you know when you need to be heading to the gas station, but these instruments do fail. In most cases, when the gas gauge stops functioning, it is because the relay in the tank is sticking or has gone bad altogether. This fuel relay has a float that measures fuel levels and then relays that reading to the gauge. Unfortunately, if the relay stops working, the entire fuel tank will have to be removed for a new fuel relay to be installed. 

If you notice any of these issues or are having car issues that you can't explain, it's best to visit a local auto shop like G P Automotive to get things fixed before they get worse.