Three Tips For Preventing Any Problems With Your Rv's Hydraulic Jacks

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While an RV can be quite pricey, there are few better ways to enjoy the good outdoors for several nights in a row. While some kind of jack is necessary if you want to both keep yourself comfortable and ensure the functionality of the equipment in your RV, there are many pitfalls to avoid. To prevent any sudden problems from developing with your RV's hydraulic jacks, follow these three tips.

When You're Storing The Jacks, Make Sure They Have No Room To Move Around

The main advantage of hydraulic jacks is that they can hold quite a lot more force than normal jacks without taking up much space. On the other hand, all their moving parts make them especially vulnerable to damage.

Whether you decide to store your hydraulic jacks in your car or in your RV, make sure they're stuffed in a cardboard box with plenty of bubble wrap to ensure that they won't be able to move around much. Cardboard is better than plastic in order to lessen the force the jacks will have to suffer through if you accidentally drop the box.

Try To Enlist Multiple People For Installing All The Jacks At Once

While it's possible to install multiple hydraulic jacks under your RV yourself, the job will go much more smoothly if you have multiple people to help you.

Instead of having to go back and forth between your various jacks and raise them a little bit at a time, you'll be able to direct one person at each jack to start raising the RV in a smooth and continuous motion. If you have an extra person to keep watch on the RV at a distance, it'll also be much easier to judge the exact moment where the vehicle becomes completely level.

While Your RV's Stationary, Put Up A Barrier To Discourage Animals From Messing With The Jacks

Hydraulic jacks are threatened more by animals because of their greater cost and fragility relative to normal jacks. Thus, you should at least take some measures to decrease the threat of animal interference while you're vacationing in your RV.

A simple plastic or wooden barrier around the edge of your RV will both improve the look of your campsite and deter animals from messing with your hydraulic jacks. While determined animals could make their way through most barriers, setting up a perimeter should act as a deterrent. 

At first, the prospect of transporting and manipulating multiple hydraulic jacks without damaging them may seem daunting. But with the right knowledge and a little bit of patience, you're sure to be successful in this task. If you need to purchase additional jacks for your RV, contact an RV dealer such as Orangewood RV Center