How To Get Certified To Be A BMW Repair Technician

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Fine automobiles may have certain features that are not common to vehicles that are designed to hit a lower price point. Thus, mechanics who are used to working on more economical cars may not have the specialization necessary to take care of fine automobile like a BMW. If you have a love for BMWs, then you may be interested in pursuing a career as a BMW mechanic. This will help you to gain the familiarity with BMWs that will help you to keep them running in top form. If you are a BMW owner, then you know what a certified BMW mechanic has to offer. 

What Schooling Is Required?

In order to be a certified mechanic, you must complete a two-year course in mechanics. You can find a mechanics program at two-year colleges, vocational colleges, as well as at many four-year universities. This is just a beginning course. If you want to become a master mechanic, then you need to get certified in various areas of mechanics such as the following: steering, brakes, suspension, electrical systems, engine performance, and engine repair. You will also need certification from the EPA to be able to handle engine coolant. Many employers will also look for on-the-job training to show that you have had a good chance to put your recently gained skills in mechanics to practical use. These courses will help you to gain the experience required to work on any car any time, but to be certified to work on BMWs, you need to take your training a step further. 

How Do You Get a BMW Certification?

While you don't necessarily have to have a BMW certification to work on BMWs, gaining such certification will help you to move up in the BMW hierarchy. Anyone who is interested in becoming a certified BMW mechanic should look into the BMW STEP program. This program is for those who maintain a high GPA and attendance record in mechanic school. The training is partially funded by BMW and should result in a placement at a BMW dealership upon graduation. 

BMW understands that cars need work to continue to run properly, and out of a commitment to their customers, they have developed a training program for mechanics who will work on BMW automobiles. Thus, if you are interested in working on a BMW, you should seek a BMW certification. On the other hand, if you just want to keep your own BMW working at its top capacity, you should make sure that you only take your car to a properly trained BMW mechanic. Contact a company like August European for more information on BMW repair.